Saturday, 4 July 2009

A perk of the job: A chance to adopt! :o)

I'm starting to think that my new job at the nursery might have its advantages... a part from the ability to be able to buy plants on a tab, I can also adopt the odd self seeded specimen and take it home with me. We're currently preparing for our annual stocktake and so we're having to check and organise all the pots - which is how I found these primula seedlings in one, self-sown from plants around them - though which variety they are I'm not sure, it'll be interesting to find out.

I've now planted them out into various corners and nooks of my other pots. Aren't they sweet though?


Karen - An Artists Garden said...

Oh my goodness! I would be bankrupt if I worked in a nursery! Its bad enough that one a week I visit my friend who runs one.

I love "perks of the job" as I work as a gardener a lot of err "light prunings" find their way into my garden - as cuttings.

Lovely adoption - it will be fun to see what pops up in the spring.

Stephanie said...

Some of my plants which were given to me, I have no idea what's the variety. The orchid which my neighbour gave me has yet bloom, so I am still waiting. I am sure one day it would surprise me with a wonderful bloom ;-)

Flora said...

I think that getting slightly mysterious/unknown plants from friends has to be one of the best parts of gardening - it's fun sharing and then waiting to see what you've been given. I've never received anything anywhere near as exotic as your orchid Stephanie - though I do have one which refuses to flower and just keeps putting out more leaves (I guess I should just be glad that it's alive since I keep forgetting to water it!).

Sandy W said...

My balcony would surely be so packed with containers and containers of plants if I were working in a nursery like you do.

Yet, nevertheless, one great fun job it seems :)