Wednesday, 25 November 2009

I dream of summer

Well, Edinburgh is looking a smidge on the grey side these days, and my 'garden' is looking pretty un-sensational. I guess it's a waiting game and at the moment I still have a long wait ahead until things start happening in my pots again.

In the meantime I thought i'd post a couple of ink paintings done by Luke Maitland of the Seigneurie gardens on the Isle of Sark. They capture those lazy late summer days and their beautiful herbaceous borders and kitchen garden wonderfully - and make me long for the seasons to turn and for me to find myself with earth and borders to tend of my own. I will have to go plant some early flowering bulbs to bring the growing season sooner to me, but in the meantime (and I appreciate that I may be a tad biased as the artist is my brother!) aren't these uplifting?! 

If you want to see more art in this style look here: Luke Maitland