Friday, 28 May 2010

My first Meconopsis flower!

I don't know what it is exactly but there's something quite exciting and exotic about a blue poppy - maybe it's because there aren't that many blue flowers?
Anyway, I was very excited to see that my first Meconopsis (I think it is Mec. Langholm, but will need to check) has flowered. Look!

These viola were looking really pretty against the bronze grass too:


Gary said...

Hi there,
Meconpsis really are the business aren't they? We came up to Edinburgh a couple of months ago as my wife, a previous resident, wanted to show me around. What a place! Whiski Bar and Old Dollar Bill, the botanics, fireworks (see one of my previous posts) to come back, and soon! We had planned to get some Meconopsis from a local nursery on our way back but had to rush and so are now blue poppieless!
Take care and good luck

Stiletto said...

A very nice blue flower with intense shades.